Board of Directors   Management Council   Committee Chairs   Sustainer Leadership Council

2017-2018 Board of Directors

President: Mary Peller
President-Elect: Meredith Nissen
Assistant to the President: Nikki Lynne Stephanou
Secretary: Elizabeth Moyer
Treasurer: Katarina Sweeney
Sustainer Leadership Council Chair: Jeannette Schlegel
Chief Operating Officer: Elizabeth Downey
Director of Development: Lauren Zabel
Nominating Chair: Victoria Cox
Parliamentarian: Shauna Itri Miller

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2017-2018 Management Council

Chief Operating Officer: Elizabeth Downey
President-Elect: Meredith Nissen
Chief Operating Officer- Elect: Aronte Bennett
Treasurer-Elect: Alex Trancredi
Sustainer Leadership Council Chair-Elect: Annamarie Hellebusch
VP of Marketing & Communications: Elisabeth Lubin Ilca
VP of Community: Kira Bryers
VP of Fundraising: Ashley Carroll
VP of Membership Development: Kelly Steyn
House Chair: MB Horvath
Parliamentarian: Shauna Itri Miller
Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer: Lauren Homel
Editor-at-Large: Carol Rose

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2017-2018 Committee Chairs

Marketing & Communications Council
Vice President of Marketing: Elizabeth Lubin Ilca
Brand Marketing & PR: Emma McCreight
Hotline: Brittany Verga
Website: Amanda Korson

Community Council
Vice President of Community: Kira Bryers
Apple A Day Empowering You Health Fair: Stephanie Lippencott and Stefanie Robinson
Apple A Day Food to Families: Carrie Scheitrum
Apple A Day Kids in the Kitchen: Danielle McNinch and Becca Nock
Done In A Day: Carly Haroutunian Williams and Marci Leveillee

Development Council
Director of Development: Lauren Zabel
Project Research & Development: Lauren Zabel

Fundraising Council
Vice President of Fundraising: Ashley Carroll
Focus Fundraising: Nancy Ahlum
Sponsorship: Samantha Bontemps
Thrift Shop: Rachel Scarlatta

Membership Development Council
Vice President of Membership Development: Kelly Steyn
Education & Volunteer Training: Melissa Page
New Member Program: Ashley Chiaradio and Chloe Diamond
Placement: Rebecca Calder
Social: Stacy Forchetti
Transfer Liaison: Ruth Nacey

2017-2018 Sustainer Leadership Council

Sustainer Chair: Jeannette Schlegel
Sustainer Chair-Elect: Annamarie Hellebusch
Recording Secretary: Cornelia Vieira
Corresponding Secretary: Laurie Etherington
Treasurer: Laura Snead

Emeritus: Mary Hinds
JLP President: Mary Peller
Hotline Chair: Margie Patches
Nominating Chair: Deb Talbot
Nominating Chair-Elect: Stephanie Carr
Nominating Committee: Mary Kate Lo Conte, Kara Goodchild, Kate Farnham, Nancy Scarlato, Pam Crutchfield, Susan Van Allen
Nominating Advisors: Deedie O’Donnell, Mary Hinds, Sam Soldan, Jeannette Schlegel
Parliamentarian: Marilyn Sprague

Calendar Events
Hospitality Chair: Joann Falciani
Hospitality Committee: Amy Piergiovanni, Beth Ramsey, Kate Forester, Lauralyn Jones, Catherine Wilson
Membership Meeting Fall: Sam Soldan, Cindy Landreth
Membership Meeting Spring: Anne Hopkins, Rachel Reavy
Neighborhood Teas: Kristen Corcoran and Mary Alice Michaels
Theater Trip: Ann Sinatra, Patricia Doolittle

Special Committees
Sustainer Project (DIAD): Susan Arnold, Stephanie Shore
Special Sustainers: Deedie O’Donnell, Susan Mease
Website, E-blasts: Gaby Thorne

JLP Management Council Representatives
Marketing and Communications Council: Pam Maimone
Community Council: Carli Younce
Development Council: Kathy Douglas
Finance Committee: Susan Mostek, Sabina Ewing
Fundraising Council: Jodi Kerr, Joyce Shenian
Membership Council: Betsy Mallon

Sustainer Interest Groups
Bookmarks: Marianne McClatchy
Bridge Intermediate: Ann Vaughan, Nancy Henry
Bridge Brush Up – Afternoon: Lorrie Pennell
Bridge Brush Up – Evening: Marcy Bevan
Cooking Klatch Chair: Mary Tattersfield
Day Trips/Culture: Margie Patches
Evening Sustainers: Jeanne Andronowitz, Carol Konski
Garden Club: Amy Webersinn
Larks: Suzanne Vander Veer
New Sustainers: Dianne Smith, Susan Henley
Team Welcome/Transfers: Anouk Danan, Barbara Gasper