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Girls Night Out at the King of Prussia Mall

Fundraiser : Girls Night Out at the King of Prussia Mall
Name:     Girls Night Out at the King of Prussia Mall
Date/Time:     10-07-2009 06:00pm
Price:     $10.00
Description:     Come join us for a "Girls Night Out at the King of Prussia Mall"! Get discounts galore and a start on your holiday shopping! The main event will be held at Molton Brown where $10 will get you into Molton Brown and 1 raffle ticket with a chance to win some amazing gift baskets. These fabulous gift baskets will be donated from various stores in the mall. Attendees will also receive an additional raffle ticket for each $25 store purchase at Molton and 3 raffle tickets for a $60 store purchase at Molton. Kate Spade, J Crew, Lilly and DKNY are also partnering - all offering a 10% discount and 10% of proceeds to the JLP. Wine and food will served at all sponsoring stores. Tickets can be purchased on the JLP website or at Molton Brown on the evening of the event.
Category:     Social Event
Location:     Molton Brown, King of Prussia Mall
Contact:     Contact Diane Oliva: diane.oliva@bdnreit.com
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